Of course, we support the City Mission again

We are a Swedish-based company, and therefore, it is distressing to know that many families with children in our country live in poverty. This is not okay, and we truly want to be part of changing that. That’s why we support the City Mission’s work, including the distribution of food, clothes, and hygiene products, as well as organizing activities for children and young people, keeping meeting places open, and offering support along the way out of the vulnerable situation.

In this manner, we accept our social responsibility and contribute to creating a possibility of change. Please support your local charity this Christmas!

Valtech Joins Netgroup as a New Qualified Member!

We take great pride in introducing Valtech as a distinguished addition to the Netgroup family. In a rapidly evolving automotive industry, having Valtech on board enhances our collective capabilities, positioning us not only to keep pace but to excel in this dynamic market. Their visionary approach and commitment to excellence in service promise a remarkable partnership and a promising future for the automotive industry.

“Valtech’s collaboration with Netgroup opens up unprecedented opportunities for our clients, providing them unparalleled access to a robust network. This collaboration also amplifies our capacity to apply our well-tested approach to driving innovation in automotive and mobility. We are poised and prepared to offer inventive solutions to the automotive industry, eagerly anticipating the exciting journey that lies ahead.”

Märit Saryeko, Managing Director of Valtech Sweden.

Help us fight poverty!

As a company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, it hurts to realize how many families in our hometown actually live in poverty. So, we want to contribute to bringing about change. This is why we support the Gothenburg City Mission in their work distributing food, clothes and hygiene product, organizing activities for children and young people, keeping social spaces open, as well as offering support on the way out of exposed circumstances.

Together, we are working towards a more humane society for all.
In this manner, we accept our social responsibility and contribute to creating a possibility of change. Please support your local charity this Christmas!

Nebula broadens Netgroups offer

Netgroup+Nebula! We are happy to present Nebula as a new qualified member in Netgroup. With Nebula we will further strenghten our competence and offer within software development, with focus on cloudservices, system saftey and cyber security. Nebula is present in many countries and broadens Netgroups offer in off-short solutions, which is much asked for by our customers.

“We are very happy to become a part of Netgroup, together we will create even more value for our customers within the Automotive industry. 

Nebula Automotive will bring deep competence within software development – Everything from applications to cloudservices to embedded systems, systemarchitecture / system design, system safety and cyber security. To secure the very best competence in these areas, we recruit talants globaly, so we are present in many countries and by that we can offer efficient off-shore solutions.

We are starting a new, exciting chapter and we really look forward to cooperate with the other companies in Netgroup to create new, innovative solutions for our customers..”

— Magnus Wallin, Co-CEO, Nebula Automotive

Annevo is a part of Netgroup

Netgroup + Annevo! We are very happy to announce that Annevo is now a qualified member of Netgroup.
With Annevo on board, we further strengthen our competence and offer within digitization, UX/UI design, front end, back end and system development. 

“We’re very happy to be a part of Netgroup and their extensive offer to the automotive industry. Annevo will contribute top software development and UX/UI design talent. We are experts in the conversion of design into functional and smart tech solutions. We’re looking forward to the synergy effects our new partnership will provide”, says Annevo CEO Elias Gustavsson.


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Squeed joins Netgroup

We are proud to welcome Squeed, a new business partner delivering value for organizations needing support with innovative technical and agile consultants.

During the company’s ten-year journey, Squeed’s customers have been guided towards business improvements and increased flexibility through support with business and software development and agile transformation.

Squeed works in three business areas: Tech, Agile and Studio. The Squeed studio team has a particular focus on helping customers navigate their digital journey. We look forward to developing our collaboration with Squeed and using its specialist expertise to strengthen Netgroup’s position with an even more comprehensive offer for our vehicle customers’ future solutions.

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