Dedicated to a sustainable future

Netgroup and sustainability

At Netgroup, we’re 100% dedicated to the automotive industry. This means that sustainability is a central part of our operation. 

By definition, the automotive industry is a part of the climate problem. But it’s also fully focused on being a part of the solution, not least through new technology. Since we take part in the development of these technologies, we naturally share the responsibility the business as a whole accepts. 

Our focus areas

Our sustainability work is based on the UN global sustainability goals. These encompass 17 areas within the environment, social conditions, human rights and anti-corruption. We focus on the two most relevant to our operations. 

Goal #9: Sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Netgroup influences the automotive industry to develop and manufacture products and services with a distinct sustainability profile. We consider sustainability aspects in all prioritization situations, like the choice of technologies and materials. Our leading-edge competence drives the development of technical innovations that optimize transport solutions within infrastructure and more. We ensure that we have leading competence within the relevant areas, in order to always be able to enable our clients to make sustainable choices, both in terms of development and testing/proofing.

Goal #11 Sustainable cities and societies

Netgroup contributes to the automotive industry’s efforts to decrease its negative impact on cities and societies, as well as on the people who live and work in them. We strive towards a transition to more eco-friendly fuels and strive to ensure that we are able to provide such solutions. We utilize digitization and connectivity to optimize our resource use, in order to contribute to the creation of more sustainable cities and societies. 

By focusing on these areas, we also have an indirect positive impact on the UN’s remaining sustainability goals.

Certifications and regulations

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and are subject to regular audits. In parallel, we are continuously striving to improve all aspects of our operations, in order to remain cutting-edge. We also closely and continuously monitor legal and regulatory developments in the relevant areas. We have well-defined processes to achieve this, as well as for how to deal with complaints.

Sustainability in practice

We minimize our environmental impact by making conscious choices. When choosing office premises, proximity to public transport and our main clients are weighed in. We choose eco-labelled products, sort our office waste and minimize the number of business trips. 

We strive to ensure that our staff feel appreciated and are provided with training and the means to develop. Compassion and equality help us live up to the expectations of both society and our clients. Our leadership focuses on teamwork, development and flexibility and we work systematically to improve our workplace environment. 

We have a social commitment outside work as well, including support for local charities. In our day-to-day operations, we defend our co-workers right to a social life outside work, fair payment and a secure workplace environment. Perceptiveness to the well-being of others is an ongoing project, supported by policies and instructions. 

We support human rights. Our Code of Conduct establishes that all people have equal value and the right so feel respected and secure. This is helps us interact with companies and people all over the world.
The Code also states that we neither accept nor provide anything that could be perceived as a bribe.