We are Netgroup

Handpicked teams realize your visions

You know it and we know it. The automotive industry is changing. New technology and new expectations challenge both our working methods and our products. The need for technical skill and visionary foresight has never been greater.

Netgroup is a strong constellation of networking technology companies. As a group, we are 100% dedicated to the automotive industry. No matter what type of assignment you give us, we can put together a team of specialists who meet and exceed your expectations.


Our foremost strength? We can handpick the perfect constellation of specialists for your assignment and project. Our toolbox includes more than 1,200 technology consultants who are passionate about solving any imaginable – and unimaginable – challenges you may have.
You get excellence.


What makes unique? We comprise a number of autonomous and highly specialised companies that have decided to cooperate. And each company competes against the toughest competition in their field every day – all year round.
You get hunger.


Why should you trust us? We are independent from external shareholders. This enables us to maintain our courage and entrepreneurial spirit. Independence gives us the resources, freedom and stamina to be able to manage all kinds of assignments – from major complex projects to onsite solutions with individual consultants.
That makes us dynamic.

Qualified members

Netgroup’s offer is based on our network members combined experience. Together, we have enormous knowledge in a number of special areas and put together exactly the constellation of specialists your assignment requires. We handle everything from large complex projects to on-site solutions with individual consultants. Read more about our member companies here.