Sustainable driving using new technology

As a brand, Lynk & Co is working to promote sustainability at every stage. Which is why the company wished to develop solutions that help drivers to drive more sustainably. The assignment fell to Annevo, one of the niche-expertise companies within Netgroup. 

Challenge: As early as 2016, Lynk & Co were striving towards ensuring total sustainability. This included providing drivers of Lynk & Co vehicles with aids to allow them to minimize their climate imprint. 

Goal: To create a method of helping the driver to drive more sustainably. 

Solution:  A scalable gamification platform in which the driver creates an avatar. The object is to activate, motivate and challenge the driver to drive sustainably in fun and engaging ways.

Result: Lynk & Co chose to repurpose several functions from existing products. This demonstrated that Lynk & Co, like Netgroup, realize the importance of working towards sustainability, as well as the opportunities to do so using modern technology.

The key to success:  At that point in time, the automotive industry wasn’t very advanced in terms of gamification and vehicle software development, but we realized that emergent technology presented the opportunity to develop something completely new. Understanding how to reach and engage the client, applying cutting-edge software development expertise and having the courage to create all-new solutions were all key to the success of this project.