Volvo FM Low Entry – a new smart truck project that improves the lives of both drivers and the environment.

Background: Netgroup was entrusted to collaborate with Volvo Trucks to develop the Volvo FM Low Entry, an electric truck with high driver comfort that ensures the best possible direct visibility. To enhance the ergonomic working environment, the cabin is lowered for easier entry.

Challenge: The project goal was to lower the cabin to make it more ergonomic for users to enter and exit. The challenge was to build a completely unique front chassis that allows for lowering while meeting the 5-star visibility requirement to drive in cities after a legal requirement introduced in 2026 in London. Additionally, the project required smart cost-effective solutions as it is based on adapting an existing product. A functional collaboration with rapid loops between the various areas of expertise within Netgroup, construction, CAE, GAE, and subcontractors was necessary to meet the tight schedule. The project was a fixed-price commitment involving multiple areas of expertise running from 2021 to 2024.

Goals: To achieve approval with 5 stars regarding visibility requirements and to develop a construction that functions without making significant investments in production. This way, creating a truck that improves the lives of both drivers and the environment.

Results: Volvo FM Low Entry has started production in week 21. This means that the project will be completed according to schedule. We are pleased that, together with Volvo Trucks, we have successfully completed the project within budget constraints.

Key to Success: Netgroup once again demonstrated that by engaging the right expertise from our specialized companies together with the project owners Volvo Trucks, we have a successful recipe that is perfect for this project. Collaboration is the keyword throughout the project. Clear work methods, responsibility, and trust made discussions both open and smooth. The broad specialist expertise within Netgroup is a prerequisite for succeeding with the challenges throughout the project.

Qualified members: Cross Design, Conmore, FS Dynamics, Forma, and PE Geometry.