How to improve a climate control system? By creating a world-class working climate


Our task was to help our client transition the development of their climate control systems from document-based development, ”black box” systems and experience-based setting of parameters, to model-based development, ”grey box” systems and setting of parameters based on measured data. The client had limited expertise and capacity in control engineering, modelling, statistical experimental design and had little knowledge of quantifiable requirements on a system and feature level.


  • Make it possible for the client to make a choice between buying the navigation software or developing it in-house
  • Improve perceived quality and extend system features (number of climate zones, etc.)
  • Significantly reduce the time for setting of parameters when introducing it in a new car
  • Integrate auto-generated code on an existing built-in system, eventually Autosar
  • Skills transfer that enables the client to set parameters by themselves, and eventually also develop the control system.


  • We made use of the latest technology and tool chains for modelling, simulation, control, rapid prototyping and continuous integration with automatic testing
  • Clear ”added value” for the customer was available in the form of transfer of the skills they needed to conduct maintenance and develop in-house
  • The customer response on the finished system was ”world class”