Navigating further with XC90


Creating the next generation navigation solution for the new Volvo XC90. How? By developing user-friendly features and an interface for a large integrated touchscreen.


  • Improve user-friendliness in the navigation system – such as an easier way of finding a new route, better placement of ”waypoints” along the route, etc.
  • Start with basic navigation and map design – add more features in stages
  • Ensure continuity and concordance between the navigation system and other car features and applications
  • For reference, we had access to user data from Volvo customers, previous navigation systems and the systems of competitors


  • The new navigations system is a result of close collaboration between interaction designers, feature owners and graphic designers
  • The features were constructed in layers, from the most basic to the more complex
  • We made use of prototypes early on – both stationary and in-car – in order to test and improve the interface and functionality
  • Solutions and ideas were constantly being improved until we had a finished product