Perfect cooperation resulted in excellent customer satisfaction

Netgroup was entrusted with the development of a completely new instrument panel for use in two of Volvo’s largest truck models. “Netgroup won the assignment due to our fantastic capabilities, not only as cutting-edge tech specialists, but also through the smooth way we cooperate, both with the client and within Netgroup itself. We combined the required competences from several specialist group companies to ensure efficient delivery through optimal resource utilization”, says Anders Grahm, project manager at Netgroup company Forma. 

The challenge: Engineer and develop new instrument panels for Volvo Trucks models FH and FM. The assignment included Design, Geomertry Assurance, Calculation, Simulation, Measurements and Trimming. 

The goal: A facelift as well as a new HMI of the instrument panel, including new displays, buttons, decor and a visual update for a more modern look.

The solution: Smooth and efficient cooperation between specialist companies Forma, PE Geometry, FS Design and GOT Design, all qualified members of Netgroup. 

The result: Volvo Trucks are very pleased with the delivery, both in terms of product, timing and cost. 

The key to success: Netgroup demonstrated that by engaging relevant specialists from our group of niche companies at the right time during this extensive project, we were able to deliver on schedule and on budget. Cooperation between Netgroup members and working as a single team was at the core of the project, resulting in excellent efficiency in both decision-making and project progress. Clear areas of responsibilities and mutual trust ensured smooth discussions. And of course, our extensive competence within each relevant area was absolutely necessary to achieve this impressive result.